The Erbo Group as an Employer

The Erbo Group

The Erbo Group is an excellent, versatile employer for about 250 employees. The employees set about their work every day with a great passion for the company and its customers. They are active in various fields such as purchasing, production, accounting, customer service, laboratory work, logistics, marketing, quality management, shipping and sales. The corporate culture is based on trust, respect, responsibility and open and direct communication.


Vocational training

Vocational training within the Erbo Group is an ideal stepping stone into professional life. The training of young people is an important priority for the Erbo Group. That is why it offers apprenticeships in business/administration and logistics. Those who wish to train at the Erbo Group can look forward to vibrant, versatile, exciting teaching by experienced vocational trainers who help promote their efforts and with high quality training.

Federal Proficiency Diploma in Business/Administration EFZ

Office Administrators are service-oriented employees in business processes. Their professional field ranges from administrative activities as part of customer service, to industry-specific processing tasks. Their approach is characterised by their focus on the customer, personal initiative and a keenness for lifelong learning. Apprentice Administrators are employed in the different business units at the Erbo Group following a rotation system. The regular change in their apprenticeship base ensures they experience a variety of tasks and receive high quality training. They take on responsibility in the running of day-to-day business, processing information, preparing correspondence, producing documents and statistics, working in accounts and experiencing direct contact with customers and suppliers. The main objective of the training is to promote their professional, methodological and social skills based on the guidelines of the training and examination sector "Services and Administration". Key qualities such as personal responsibility, teamwork and independence are actively encouraged during the training period at the Erbo Group.

Duration of placement: 3 years
Profile: B, E, M
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Federal Proficiency Diploma in Logistics EFZ

Logistics Operators working in the warehousing sector are specialists in the receipt, internal transportation, storage, picking and shipping of goods of all kinds. They manage the control of stock levels and establish optimum requirements for a smooth flow of goods. Their diverse tasks also include the operation of lift trucks, logistics facilities and the use of IT equipment. Apprentice Logistics Operators working in warehousing at the Erbo Group receive the goods, check them according to the operational requirements and prepare them for storage. Goods are stored in such a way that is compliant with the product, secure, preserves the value, efficient and environmentally sound. Apprentices provide goods for distribution; they pick, pack and ship them. The training is based on the regulation of the SBFI by means of basic vocational training for a Federally Certified Logistics Operator (EFZ). The training objectives, along with the professional, methodological and social skills, such as responsibility, communication and teamwork, are optimally promoted through the expert, motivated support provided by the trainers.

Duration of placement: 3 Jahre
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